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How to control blood sugar without medicine?

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Controlling blood sugar without medicine is attainable by making simple adjustments to your everyday life. Next, I will be including easy steps you can take to control blood sugar without medicine:

These are the simple steps to control blood sugar without medicine:

Step one: Recognize the Symptoms

Early symptoms of pre-diabetes are easy to recognize. Pre-diabetes is a reversible stage which untreated, can lead to diabetes. It is not the illness itself, but signs that there is a significant risk of developing the disease.

A person with pre-diabetes reveals an elevated amount of glucose in their system, yet not as high as a person with diabetes. Pre-diabetes symptoms include: overwhelming hunger, excessive thirst, constant fatigue, frequent urination and weight gain. There are some cases without early noticeable signs….

Consequently, a semi-annual checkup is a good way to play it safe specially for those with a history of weight problems or  diabetes in the family.

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Step two: Eat healthy.

It is obvious that shoving more sugar into your system is only going to make things worse. Therefore, avoiding foods high in sugar, including certain carbohydrates, makes the most sense. Serving size is also important to control; moderation is better than exaggeration.

Healthy vegetables

Eating healthy can help regulate blood sugar, consequently preventing disease

There are four distinct scenarios in which we all fit.  Each situation requires a different approach to a healthy diet aimed to control blood sugar levels.

  1. The first scenario includes those with normal sugar levels. In this scenario, the person needs to find motivation to stay healthy. Reasons may include potential diabetes running in the family. Another reason is just simply to live longer with better health.
  2. Scenario two, hypoglycemia or a person that for one reason or another has very low glucose in the blood.
  3. Scenario three, a person with pre-diabetes. In this case, the person has higher than normal glucose in the blood. This person may have sugar levels going up but not for prolonged periods of time, however those levels do not stay long enough or high enough to be diagnosed as diabetes.
  4. Scenario four, includes type 1 diabetes. Viruses, metals, vaccines or even certain foods to which our bodies do not respond well can cause type 1. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease usually affecting younger individuals under the age of 40.  It is associated with insulin deficiency.
  5. Scenario five, type 2 diabetes patients being the most common type of diabetes. Insulin resistance, or the body not responding to insulin properly is a frequent factor with type 2.

An approach to a healthy diet needs to be different for each of those five scenarios.

Step three: Exercise.

It is a known fact that exercising once a day helps you stay healthy. Obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes are some of the medical conditions where exercise can make a great impact.

It is common knowledge that exercising is good for everyone at any age. An adult, being active just 20 minutes to 30 minutes of a daily exercise routine is all the body needs to burn unnecessary fat, build more muscle, and to bring out a healthier you.

Is diabetes reversible?

Yes, according to patients’ accounts, there have been cases of people being directed by their physicians to quit taking insulin and other diabetes medications after making better life choices.

Certain cases cannot be fully reversed but their situation can be significantly improved. You probably hesitant to take this claim to heart. If you need instructions on how to reverse your diabetes.

I found a program that has helped a considerable number of people. Since I did not create that program myself, click the link at the bottom of the page for step by step instructions on how to reverse diabetes without medicine.

Diabetes Medications Side Effects

How to control blood sugar without medicine

Controlling blood sugar without medicine is the dream of many diabetics. As mentioned, there are side effects to every high blood sugar medication currently in the market. None of those medications can cure diabetes permanently. That is the most likely the reason for doctors telling the public that there is no cure, despite so many people challenging that statement.

I have personally met several people who have discontinued high blood sugar medication as directed by their physicians. Changing habits to control blood sugar is a lifetime commitment. Returning to old habits that led glucose to get out of control in the first place will undo any progress made.


Diabetes is a chronic disease. A chronic disease is said of an illness from which there is no permanent cure. However, there is nothing said about ways to control this cruel disease and even reverse it to a much more tolerable level. In many cases in medication was reduced or even eliminated completely after making the necessary adjustments to the person’s lifestyle.

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