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My name is Mel Francis, and I decided to provide this free information to better inform the public about the dangers of high blood sugar. My motivation in creating this blog started from a personal concern. I have relatives and good friends who were warned ahead of time about their blood sugar levels. Unfortunately they did not listen, as a result they ended heavily medicated.

Medication is not the worst part of it, instead is the uncertainty of what else is going to go wrong because of the disease. I personally used to suffer from low blood sugar, consequently it was a rough period for me because I did not know I had it until the symptoms forced me to seek medical attention. I was able to reverse the damage without medication. On the other hand, my relatives were not as fortunate as I was.

I was highly motivated to find relief for those,  who like myself, are concern with blood sugar related diseases,  such as diabetes or heart problems. I found valuable information, that in my opinion can offer relief to those who are looking for prevention or reversal of a condition from blood sugar related diseases.

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